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OFFER » Spacious automatic car parks


Equipped with:

- Barriers

- Entry station (the cashier pay station)

- Exit station

- Subscription cards readers

- Induction loop


The client who wants to enter the car park draws up to the entry station. Detectors (induction loops or photocells) identify the vehicle. After pushing the button, the client receives printed entry ticket. When the client receives the ticket, the barrier opens and the vehicle enters the car park. The clients who have subscription cards can enter the car park after applying them to the reader.


Collecting charges


Settlement of the ticket in automatic pay station

After applying the ticket to the reader (scanner), which is located in the automatic pay station, the system checks the date and the hour of the entry. On the LCD display appears the charge for parking (in accordance with applicable rate of charges). The client pays with the use of coins or banknotes (optionally payment or proximity cards). The machine gives a change in coins. After pushing the button dowód opłaty, the driver may get a receipt with specification of VAT. The driver collects the ticket which has been paid and automatically recoded as exit ticket which is taken to the vehicle. Minimal period of time is usually devoted to exit (enough long to go to the car and leave the car park by the driver). If the given period is exceeded, the client will be obliged to pay for the next hour in accordance with applicable rate of charges.

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