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Operator (Administrator)


ParkSystem installs, connects, configures and launches car parking system as well as hires employees at its own expense. Additionally, the company covers the costs of using devices, repairing, servicing, supplying consumables and hiring employees throughout the entire term of the agreement. In return for this, the company receives established monthly remuneration.

Быстрый контакт

Parksystem Sp z o.o.
ul. Żółkiewskiego 16a
43-300 Bielsko Biała

NIP 547-209-16-10

tel. fax. +48 33 816 73 37

tel. kom. +48 506 188 629

Отдел продаж

tel. fax. +48 33 816 73 37

tel. kom. +48 533 311 030

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